Horeca 2014

Atyab - Zeit Boulos at Horeca 2014

Meet us at Horeca, Stand E'26

Date: From 1 Till 4 April 2014

Location: Biel, Lebanon

Timing: 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm


A Success Story!

For over half a century, and Zeit Boulos is writing a delightful success story, succeeding to gain the trust and satisfaction of Lebanese consumers.

Very recently, on April 12, 2013, during the international fair “HORECA 2013” held at Biel – Beirut, and within “the 8th National Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Contest”, Mr. Tony Boulos Maroun, Chairman of ATYAB/ZEITBOULOS Company, received the first prize award for the best Lebanese Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for this year, from the hand of his excellence the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan, in the presence of the organizing team and many Lebanese olive oil producers and media representatives. His olive oil was selected among more than 50 olive oil samples from several producers from all over the Lebanese regions, and after a series of tasting and discovery sessions done by an honorable and reliable jury composed of well-known Lebanese and international olive oil connoisseurs and experts…

And lately, on the 7th of March 2013, and for the third consecutive year (after 2011 and 2012), Zeit Boulos was voted by the Lebanese consumers, after a study conducted by Stat-Ipsos, as the “Product of the Year” for 2013 in the olive oil category. During the celebration held at the Music Hall – Beirut, Mrs. Christiane Maroun, Marketing Manager of ATYAB, and after receiving the precious trophy, thanked all Lebanese consumers who did not stop trusting and loving Zeit Boulos, and honored ATYAB’s successful team, adding: ‘’With you, our devoted staff and our loyal customers, Zeit Boulos will remain a success story… and our slogan ‘Eza De2t, 3le2t’ will prove its authenticity again, because, with Zeit Boulos, ‘once you got a taste, not a drop will go to waste!’…‘’

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Success Story

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Winner in olive oil category 2013

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Winner in olive oil category 2013

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